Inspirational one-legged man creates amazing Halloween costumes every year

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A inspirational one-legged man has been hailed for creating amazing Halloween costumes each year.

Josh Sundquist was diagnosed with cancer when he was nine years old and lost his leg in order to become cancer free by the age of 13.

Mr Sundquist went on to become a successful motivational speaker and author.

He began to create fantastic Halloween costumes each year and often uses his one leg as a theme to come up with some of the costumes.

For his costume debut in 2010, he went as the gingerbread man from Shrek.

Mr Sundquist  explained how he initially did not create his costumes for the Instagram likes but just to “make his friends LOL.”

He said he has received comments from strangers who were impressed by his efforts saying: “That’s amazing, how did you do that?”

His photos have racked up thousands of likes on Instagram.

In 2012, taking inspiration from the film A Christmas Story, Mr Sundquist dressed as the leg lamp.

Despite never seeing the film, with the help of his now-wife Ashley he managed to pull off an impressive costume complete with fishnets, a high heel and Christmas lights.

In 2013, Mr Sundquist dressed as a flamingo after a visit to the zoo.

He said: “I spotted an Ostrich and thought, ‘Hey that looks like me.’ If I was, you know doing a hand stand on my crutches.”

He explained how he then saw a flamingo and thought, “even better”.

Mr Sundquist said that his physique helped him create the costume.

 “My leg was amputated at the hip, so I don’t have any stump at all. In fact, if I did have a stump, most of these costumes (especially the flamingo) wouldn’t work. These particular costumes depend on me being shaped in this particular way,” he said.

In 2014, it was Mr Sundquist’s first year playing in an international tournament with the US Amputee Soccer Team. To mark the occasion he dressed up as a foosball player.  

He said: “If you think about it, amputee soccer is basically human foosball.”

Injecting humour into Halloween in 2015, Mr Sundquist dressed as an IHOP restaurant and was a human pun as he hopped about in his costume.

He wrote: “What I love about this video is that at first you think it’s just a sign. Like, where’s the costume here? And then I hop away and you’re like ooooooh now I get it.”

To mark the release of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast, in 2016 Mr Sundquist went as Lumiere, the candle stick.

Over the years, Mr Sundquist has accumulated a large following on Instagram who eagerly await his costumes every Halloween.

This year was no exception.

Mr Sundquist revealed that for 2017 he had dressed as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Using his right leg to create the tail, Mr Sundquist is able to bounce around like the real Tigger and even posted a video of himself on a trampoline.