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The BBC needs a Tory Rinse

Listening this morning, as I still do, to The Today Programme, I was astonished when Justin Webb, having said that there was no-one from Labour available for comment on the latest Corbyn smear - this time he's been publicly criticized by none other than Netanyahu himself for attending a commemoration in 2014 for members of the PLO massacred in an Israeli attack- suddenly announced that Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi was available.  I almost jumped out of bed cheering.

I could see it in my head playing out behind the scenes- a last minute attempt to get a spokesperson for Labour, no-one wants to touch the anti-semitism thing with a barge poll, and the Board of Deputies are once again getting a platform live on air in which to convince the average British Jew that Corbyn hates them and unless they give their support to Israel in all its endeavours without question you are the wrong sort of Jew.  In my head, the theme from Mission Impossible was playing as Wimborne-Idrissi dives for her phone and speed-dials the Today programme.  The usual game of silly-buggers ensues: Justin Webb, not a bad guy, might I add, triggers the Board of Deputies spokeswoman by pointing out how they overlook Trump's anti-semitism.  She's allowed to rant for a bit unchallenged and uninterrupted about how Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser, never interested in the Israeli side.  Wimborne-Idrissi, as usual, tries to put things in perspective but is not allowed to finish a sentence and has her air-time eaten up by constant interruptions and haranguing by Webb.  At least they had her on.

The Today Programme's coverage of the anti-Semitism affair has been particularly infuriating.  It won't be a surprise to critical listeners (ie those who know propaganda when they hear it) of BBC Radio 4's flagship news show, The Today Programme, hosted by, amongst others, arch-Tory Nick Robinson, and John Humphreys, who is sounding more and more like a posh, right-wing, bigoted old Granada with age, that 800,000 listeners have jumped ship since captain Sarah Sands was put in charge.  

Sands is a veteran of the print right: Telegraph, Evening Standard, theDaily Mail.  She was succeeded as editor of the Telegraph by Tory boy Andrew Neil, and when she left the Evening Standard for the BBC her editor's seat was filled by George Osborne.  Robinson, Humphrys, Neil, Sands.  Why is the BBC so infested with Tory editorial decision makers?  Well that's really the work of David "where is the twat?" Cameron, who in 2016 changed the BBC charter leading Director General, Tony Hall to voice his deep concerns:

"I think we need to think very hard about this. Because, unlike any previous governing body, this unitary board is the very board that will set the editorial direction of the whole BBC. It will make key decisions on programmes and services, and it will work with me - as editor in chief - on how we manage our impartial journalism. It doesn't feel to me that these tasks should be undertaken by Government-appointed board members. The BBC is one of the world's great public service broadcasters - not a state broadcaster."

That was Cameron's parting shot- the creation of 26 new Tory peers, and re-configuring the BBC charter so that he could stuff the board with Tories and turn it into a state broadcaster.

What is heartening about Netanyahu weighing in though, is how he immediately got the taste slapped out of his fascist mouth by Corbyn:

Israeli PM @Netanyahu's claims about my actions and words are false.

What deserves unequivocal condemnation is the killing of over 160 Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces since March, including dozens of children

Someone get Bibi the smelling salts.  It was telling that the Board of Deputies' spokesperson on The Today this morning got onto Israel in a couple of sentences, highlighting the fact that when you scratch the surface it's all about Israel.  If the Board of Deputies and other influential organizations want to try and convince the average British Jew that the Labour Party is a den of anti-Semites because Corbyn is critical of Israel, then shame on them.  But when Netanyahu himself gets involved the focus shifts to the issue at hand: trying to defend the indefensible.  It's easier to call someone an anti_semite than defend the state slaughter of children.  Obviously Corbyn should be praised for engaging with, and where necessary, criticising terrorists, like Netanyahu, who is surely by far the most notorious terrorist in the region.  Don't expect it to be forthcoming from the BBC any time soon.

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