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Corbyn will replace greed with caring and it will be felt in all corners of society.

The bones of the capitalist system have nearly been picked clean by the greedy vultures of the right. They have pushed private business into every corner of life so that the vultures can suck out all the profit they can. While the cash is sucked out into swollen Tory bank accounts of the wealthy, the “filter-up” system of wealth creation, that is the Tories real goal, is being put in place. The trickle down system that the Tories of Thatchers era may have actually believed in, was a lie anyway. The work force that has been the engine of the capitalist system is now a sucked out hollow shell with the Tories having taken everything of value. The analogy with bone picking is sadly very true. We have seen tax cuts for the rich whose wealth has soared, and continues to grow, while those who have created the wealth have been brought to their knees by austerity. The cuts only to the poorest parts of society have been the shameless tool of the Tories, and they have wielded it clinically. The evil of this trickle up system is exposed in stark detail by the rise in homelessness which the Tories have tried desperately to hide, to the extent of actually attempting to make it illegal.

But before you think that all is lost and that the Tories have achieved their goal, there is a gleam of hope that grows brighter by the day. That flame of hope is held high by Jeremy Corbyn. Despite the attacks of the Tories disgraceful Media throwing all they can at Jeremy Corbyn, the champion of Socialism still outshines them at every turn. The Tories desperate greed becomes more acute as they sense that their corrupt system is now in it’s dying phase. But there is going to be a happy ending to this grim story of greed. The Tories think they have made every part of society totally dependent on private business which operates like organised crime, extorting money in profits, from the system at every level. But history shows us that this will work against them.

It is important that we learn from history and there is a hard lesson that we must learn from the clever management of one of the great pillars of modern socialism, Iconic socialist Tony Benn. When in government as Minister of energy he adjusted energy prices to ensure that a profit was made to go into the state coffers. This profit was of course to be used for the good of all society. But it turned out to be an example of how some industries must be run as valuable services rather than State profit generators. The clever use of capitalism to fuel a socialist system turned out to be a double edged sword. The efficiently run profit generating system made it an attractive plum for an incoming Tory government of vultures to pick. Pick it they did and they did not stop there. The icy tentacles of capitalism spread like a “Game of Thrones” winter gripping all in it’s vice like grip, squeezing out money from every crevice and drawing it ever upwards.

Labour’s harnessing of Capitalism by providing profit generating businesses made them an easy and tempting target for the Tories. The profit was there to be taken without scaring the public with immediate price rises.  But as the political pendulum swings, the greed of the Tories system is actually preparing the way for the growth of a strong socialist system. While Labour left the profits of nationalised industries for Tories to seamlessly draw into their accounts they have done the same for us. The profit generating system that they have created will provide a solid structure for the transfer into State control. Whether State control is on a local or national level is academic as it means that the current private profits and full bank accounts will provide the means to improve services and increase real, properly paid employment. The industries they have crushed down to their minimum will soon have new life breathed into them.

Corbyn has nursed socialist policies throughout his political life. He has been ridiculed and scorned at every turn by the Tory media but his vision, our vision, which has continued to glow through the wall of bitterness that the Tories throw at him, will soon spring into reality.

Press Regulation

There are those on the Left that are totally opposed to any regulation of the “Free” Press. But the Press is very definitely not free. It is controlled and used by the powers of the right and that grip on the media must be released. One of Corbyn’s early missions will be to regulate the Media. Not the regulation that the Tories plan which scares some on the Left so much, but a new structure that will curtail the right bias that has been funded and directed by the wealthy manipulators of the Tory hierarchy. How this regulation will be managed will be the last battle against the power of the Tories and the Media will fight back viciously. It can only be hoped that at some point the public will finally become aware how they have been manipulated by Press lies for so long. At that point the power should drain away to be replaced with a more honest and balanced system.

How Corbyn’s quiet revolution will gradually take control

Taking industries and services into State control will herald the start of the transfer of power to socialism. The transfer of the railways and energy companies to some form of state or community control will be where the heat of the advent of socialism will be seen and the Media will attack all that is done viciously. But as the public start to see the benefits of more efficient control of these important aspects of life without the constant drain of profits into private hands, the tide of opinion will turn. By this time Press regulation will be prising the Right’s fingers off the media and the Press will fall over each other in a dash to appear to be more honest than their rivals. I really look forward to that spectacle.

The End Game

Corbyn will have to learn from Tony Benn’s experience and ensure that pricing of any service or product created by State controlled industries must be set to ensure that they are set as services not profit generators. That way any future Tory government would have to force up prices to include a profit which would expose their capitalist system for what it is, an upwards sucking money machine.  … Tony Laborman