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Why we need regulation of the Press as soon as possible.

The Press portray Theresa May alternately as a Churchill like figure saying “I am not going to surrender to Brussels” then as a harmless but embarrassing dancing relative. Is this the  fair way to show the news about the EU? Or perhaps they should have stressed more the fact that the Tories are already making plans for a form of hard border that will incense the irish people on both sides of the border.


Kinnocks Senior and Junior seem to no longer be the Press’s go to Corbyn sceptics and so another failed Labour leader in the shape of Gordon Brown is wheeled out to interfere with the party’s leadership. He insists that Labour should accept the full rules and examples on Anti Semitism. The Press think that in the interests of “fairness” they should not stress the open letter from 30 prominent Jews urging that the full rules are not accepted. Another missing piece of information from the news is the fact that the Tories are not accepting any rules on anti-Semitism.

The much heralded new party that has been apparently on the brink of creation for over a year is still at the point of blossoming to save the party from the clutches wicked leader Jeremy Corbyn. This time there are 13 unnamed  very important figure from the party that are going to join this huge new party. Perhaps they will reveal at some point why these 15 members are so much more important that the 600,000 Labour party members that support Corbyn so strongly.

According to the Sunday Times it seems that Jeremy Corbyn has wickedly snubbed the leader of MI5 by not attending a meeting with him and instead will go to the first meeting of Labour’s NEC which will almost certainly include the newly elected JC9 members that the media have tried so hard to stop being elected. The fact that the NEC meeting will be discussing the Anti-Semitism rules that up to now the press have said are important to the future of the world (a future that seems to ignore the UN ruling that Israel is illegally occupying Palestine)

The presentation of honest and balanced News by a Free Press must be the cornerstone of a democratic society. The media we have now is unfettered and able to follow the direction of their  mega wealthy owners. The only restriction is voluntary and is policed by a body appointed by the Press. This is a situation that suited Tony Blair, the godfather of Media mogul Murdoch whose papers were so supportive when New Labour got elected. Cameron backed off the government commissioned report that advised that the Press needed regulation and instead agreed to let the Press run their own affairs. This was despite promises made to the parents of Milly Dowler and Madeleine McCann. A free press as it operates now clearly favours the right wing of politics.

 We need a rigid framework to ensure that the Press offers unbiased and balanced News coverage. The Tories idea of regulation is to try and stifle honest opinion on social media which is where the real battle for freedom of the Press will come. As the paper versions of the News become less popular the internet will become a more important source of News, if proper guidelines ensure Freedom without bias. Regulation of the Press by a Corbyn led Labour government is now more necessary than ever to ensure that we can honestly call ourselves a free democracy.